Ah, there has been to0 much FUN

Why can’t life just momentarily freeze so I can catch up with all the beautiful things I want to do and all the homework procrastination that has built up.

This is why I’m going to post my final party pic until I get back on track and not enjoying my life with friends and back to being sad and staring at math books that won’t actually benefit my life regardless. I shall dispose my cellphone and Facebook account into a black hole and retrieve it only upon death.

So currently my existential crisis is pretty basic: I want to have fun but I want to have success in the future. Living for the moment has almost twisted its meaning to mean live in the moment enough that other moments aren’t ruined.

ANYWAYS. I need a graphing calculator and I have a list of things to do bigger than my height.

Though I’m very short.Image

Wish I could go back to a few days ago where I wasn’t worried about graphing calculators….

Anyways I’m 5’2″ a vertically challenged ball of fury. Life is good.

Smile away loves

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