Life is a very weird thing.

I just, I have no idea what will happen to me.

I can virtually stutter for the rest of my life, my moments in life are just separated into a series of movements of my body operated by a brain with impulses shaped from experiences.

I could do anything. I could sit until I die.

I could eat a candle.

And it’s crazy, because no one does.

( Yes I am discriminating to psychics right now)


I’m not saying I want to be gross and never shower, but I just feel this overwhelming sensation with I could, I really could just refuse to touch water ever again.

Preference, decisions, they’re so powerful. But what power do we have genuinely? If I had control I would choose to do many things like  turn my eyes green or force myself to make my bed in my sleep.

But where’s the limitation?

I don’t know how happy, sad, in love I will be. I don’t know how many bad decisions, how many horrible things will come my way, how many hairs in my pudding I will find, I know I will have ideas and I will go, go, go. Because I want to experience it all. Everything. From point A to point B and I don’t mind if I get stuck in between. I just don’t want to worry about being frozen.

I consciously know if I stop, it’s still a movement that pieces to the picture.  Every second is a puzzle piece made up of puzzle pieces.

I guess all that I’m saying is I want everything to be beautiful in the picture, even if things in it are terrible devastating and just full of dread, they are still pretty cool.

It’s crazy, how one moment you think something and within an instant your thoughts, your life, your direction can all change.

I don’t even do drugs or own a time machine.


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