One big post with my entire week to make up for lack of blogging due to the 4D

Day #1 – Hiking. Then Party. Isn’t hiking a party?


Last weekend a few  friends got together and took a trip into the majestic forest. It was a fantastic experience, but one of the more challenging hikes that we’ve all been on- we started up in Deep Cove, as soon as we found the trail our legs hit the sets of stairs and climbed upwards, praying for an eventual flat surface. Eventually after trees, plants, creeks and uphill battles, our healthy lungs hit point one- Quarry Rock.
Taking our pictures, we didn’t know that point 1 of the hike, was the smallest fraction of the entire hike to Lyn Valley. We progressed, encountering many forks in the road where we had to choose between which side to go on, always however remaining on the right path and avoiding hungry bears. After a few more hours of climbing or walking, we ran into a few people that were doing the same trail as us- all telling us the amount we had left varied.
“You’re about halfway!”
We proceeded to go uphill, and some more stairs and bridges.
Then we were met by relatively smooth surface, allowing us to cover a large amount of distance in a short period of time.
“About 8 more hours!”
At this point, the energy of fun hike to mission started to spring. Us nature lovers, hugged some more branches, and we continued the trail- unaware of what to expect. We had to climb down, downhill for 20 minutes, all of us losing our footing at times and myself falling a bit more than I’d care to admit too, we’d laugh it off and continue.  We passed through trails called Indian River and Mushroom Trail, avoiding the trails that were for mountain bikes. All of sweating uncontrollably the next part of the journey was climbing uphill, more stairs and bridges.
 It was so enjoyable, the serenity of waterfalls, the beautiful trails, rocks, and we felt so bonded having gone through this inexplicable journey. Then some more stairs bridges.
Though this blog-post may make the hike sound strenuous and hard, it might of been a little physically challenging, however our energy remained up, we encouraged each other to keep going, once you’re in a hike you can’t go back. We would laugh and have bursts of intense motivation.
Eventually we reached the top, after looking at twin-falls and running into very lost hikers- we found the escape at the top of the mountain and took the bus back into the civilization- sweating and thankful for a seat.
I mean in the end, any problem is just stairs and bridges.
Then we proceeded to all go to my friend’s party, basically passing out.

Day #2- Meeting. Meeting. Improv.

So little time, so much to do- I’d rather spend my days with you.

Basically at this point in my life I am anxiously awaiting the next coming days, the improv is there to remind to always say “Yes”- which leads to the existential crisis, maybe there are times where we should say “NO!”

Or maybe not?

Yes there is.

Day #3- School + hardcore practice for upcoming gig.

Aside from the millions of tests, I actually wanted to do well at a performance (I always misspell that word for some reason preformance, performance, perfection perf, pffphhh)- because it would be my first time heading onto the stage with this I guess you could call it “band”- and my first time saying original words to music. Training and training, but it’s all fun. This is what life should be, music, poetry, effort and smiles.  Actually at this point no idea what life is and where it is going, but art makes sense if nothing else does.

Day #4- Band concert at school

This was a band concert to promote our band program in the school of the high for the young-lings in catchment areas.

The passion in the audiences faces was heart-wrenching.

I mean, these parents didn’t want to be here and didn’t try to conceal it and it’s honestly pretty hilarious as an MC that has the job of pretending that the squeaks and squawks of young musicians moved my heart and painting the image that the old geezers asleep/ half-dead in the stands care remotely.  In truth, none of this truly matters, music is there for happiness and I was pretty content. I like blowing air into a saxophone and these little kids that were playing beside us probably do too. We’re not fooling anyone by saying everyone was ecstatic, but hey some of us were and that’s almost special.

Day #5- Meeting. Death.

More meetings. More nerves. More excitement.

Day #6- Concert.1794710_643908069005862_1409313235_n

After months of planning this event, Lip Sync 2014 was  super successful. I can just taste the  endorphin, dopamine and serotonin rush. Nothing is better than bringing amazing people together for a wonderful cause,  tension was erased and good times were created. Art does wonders, but we’re all still learning about its powers.



I really do like being on stage.

Day #7- Gig.

Thankfully some more stage time! What an incredible day, nothing better than being recorded by strangers who are pretending to take “pictures”  of  “themselves” directly in front of you when you practice on the skytrain. Then the event was amazing, my friends’ organization is beautiful and I’ll help them out as much as I can.

I loved seeing people smile, snap, sway and nod to our performance. It’s a warm feeling.



Also my friends are so sexy.


I really want to get better at music, but until then faking it and making it.

Day #8 + 9 – Conference.


A pretty stressful thing to organize, but I was surprised at how smoothly it ran and really impressed with everyone’s enthusiasm. Actually living through all these steps was seeing a little embryo be a baby. Now my fellow people that planned it with me (in this picture) want to continue to create bigger Model United Nations conferences, and keep debating and such, I’ll see where I end up placing my heart.

It might just end up being in snorkeling or giraffes.


Then I went to a HUM appreciation party, which was mainly people that were twice my age and Asian, totally awesome and easy to talk too. Hilarious people, and a good time. However on the car ride back, the car served as a tranquilizer and my brain hit the snooze after 9 days of restless awakenings, and I contemplated why something called “a boat cruise” is actually “boat cruise”- like what other cruises are there?

” Plane cruise! Train cruise!” my friends tell me, and I completely believe them.

Then I realize that’s totally not a thing and cannot await what day 10 has in store for me…

Day #10- Sit at home boiling everything in.

I just sat at home all day today.  And wrote and watched the Olympics, with my family that has forgotten what my face looks like.

Tomorrow I’ll probably have to returning to uncover the gatherings of that dreadful school bag…

Day #11- the rest of the feasible existence of time.

Contemplate humanity and re-evaluate life.

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