I’m going to give a run-down of my life on break, which is indubitably more free for greatness than the alternative. Learning is great though, but I’m not going to miss hard broken chairs for these two weeks.

Day 1-
Good start off to the break. I’m happening to be here, with all my friends. ( Well, a large chunk of them with a little bit of a void but mostly most, mostly most.) Happy times with the band and the peers, and then the pears. Sprang breakk ❤

Day 2- Next had a Russian Mafia Gathering, friend’s 18th in addition a nice performance where I was told we livened up some people’s afternoons- which is honestly the most profoundly kind thing anyone has ever said and the best thing to ever hear.

I’m just filled with smiles.

Day 3- Spend days writing biographies, reflecting is a good thing. Then my friend’s played, inside jokes I don’t know, outside jokes I do, and some inside jokes thrown into my alley. Have to keep up the wit, the smarts, the puns around these folks.

I want to write a play.

Day 4- [first official day]
I busked with my friend, outside the art gallery and outside the library. Made 20 bucks, bones, dollars in 2 hours but I really don’t care- I talked to people who were suddenly open to us because we had guitars in our hands. People smiled and listened to us, and dropped some quarters into a hat and that met a lot- it met we could feast on burgers and fries for free! Free money for playing music? YES! Busking is the best thing you could ever do.

Day 5- [ today]

I did a radio-show. Ate some toast and tomoatoes. Ran for 7 km, walked back for 7 K.
Breathed, tired. Came home, strummed a guitar- tried to be productive, and now I’m writing this post. Oh well, not everyday can be the best of the best paintings.

Just anything but boring is good.

I’ll keep you updated people of internet land ❤

And the cat fell off the log.

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