Boring suicide poems?

I stumbled upon a magazine that had a guideline that said, “We don’t accept boring suicide poems” and I thought to myself, “hey, that’s kind of mean, people are going through a terrible thing that noone should ever have to and it’s good to express the emotion.”

Then I thought about it, we’re coming to a place in poetry right now where dark is cliche.

We’ve heard it all, it’s draining. Not to say being dark can’t be beautiful, if a poem is dark and beautiful that’s a new level of moving-however most of the time the words lack the creativity as the thoughts have been repeated. A mentor told me to offer hope in poems, never just state the bad because poetry is there to connect and inspire. No one wants to be bored with thoughts they might already have in real life, they’ll tune out if they’ve heard it all.

“But they’ll like it if it’s about love.”

But I don’t know if I want to be caught writing a love poem where I talk about the moon and the sky and the moonlight and the sunsets, because even if everyone else will like it because it’s familiar, it’s just recycled thoughts. I want to bring something new. Explore more. Feelings that have a word for them have already been described countless times without my help.

Again, if you did it in a passionate way, that’s beautiful.

But essentially I agree with the magazine, no boring sad poems. And I’m adding on no boring love poems either.

Think outside the box, be brave.

2 thoughts on “Boring suicide poems?

  • Isn’t writing poetry, and writing in general, about expressing whatever moves us, whatever that may be? The only “bad” poetry I find are the ones that are contrite. Oh, and I am not a fan of the ones where it was made obvious every line was rhymed.

    I find the best writing causes us to think and feel emotion. It may be different than what the author intended but still, it elicits some emotion that is stirring.

    • I do agree.
      Poetry is about sharing your emotions with the world and having that resonate and there is nothing more beautiful than that. It’s where I get a little stumped- what is “bad” art?
      Because surely none of it is bad AT ALL if it is true and meaningful to the creator.
      But at the same time it’s also a from designed to break boundaries and try new things, so I admire poems that are unconventional, they’ll stick out to me more as a reader and listener. It takes bravery to speak the truth but it also takes bravery to speak a different truth sometimes.

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