6 things that will make me miss my beautiful braces

5 things that will make me miss my beautiful braces

So I just got those lovely metal clonkers off my teeth, and while my beautiful ortho was prying away each bracket tooth by tooth I reminisced and went through a romantic montage of what I loved most about these little metal guys.
I came up with a list of 6 things that will make me miss those hell-ish things:

6) This picture is not an exaggeration. Without you braces, my teeth are so beautiful that they light up my entire face and that’s all people see. The only compliment I’ve received is about how gorgeous they look… well what about my nose or my chin?  They need some love too.

At least get some spinach stuck in there guys.

5) Now when I eat food, I will actually have all of the food go into my mouth instead of getting stuck on my teeth. By default, I’ll have to start eating smaller meals or I simply will gain weight.

4) I have a bunch of empty space in my mouth now. With braces, all that space is used and thought of, now I have to come up with new creative ways to make use of this beautiful gift. That’s a lot of work, but it pains me to be wasteful…

3) My teeth won’t ever match my clothes anymore. Now people won’t compliment the electric blue I have on my teeth with my shoes. Or they won’t say that the brown on my braces compliments my brown eyes, they’ll just be like, “really brings out that white part in your eye”

2) My braces have been there right by me, always sticking to me, throughout all my pubescent, awkward years. Now who will I talk to in times of trouble? My retainer? Or worse, an actual person?

1) All of the pain, the tightening, the tooth aches and the uncomfortable appointments is a huge void in my life. Someone needs to provide that type of physical and emotional suffering, or I am just going to be way too spoiled with life. Fortunately, for the next 3 months that empty space will be filled as I have a retainer which makes talking a fun lispy time.

But nonetheless, braces. I will miss you babies.
Hope some other 12 year old will get stoked on life from starting off the journey with you guys ❤

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