Wish there were more days in Summer

It seems to me like everyone is speaking about it being over. But it barely started? I was away, I was here. I thought and picked my nose. It can’t be over just quite yet. Still have to figure out how to stay together  when it is not this time. I also feel like everything is just on the edge, just on the verge right now. This isn’t how the summer will end. Things will become a little more sure.ub4jXkOGLnshT-JNSN8hF2M9Zzw6BGA18h6R9TWDr6g fC5Un0FGFJgV_DM3mDcRhccuUTvzfQq0gqsgT6MpKFwvisual-illusions-ads-03garrypoint2 angelicaandjessmexico youmakemecute.jpg toldmehelovesme itslikeweareinaband.jpg visual-illusions-ads-03

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