School and everything

Entering my grade 11th year from an elaborate 104 day Phineas and Ferb style vacation has created a mini-seizure in my brain. The shear increase of quantity of high-schoolers, general puberty and hormones in one compact location after not being exposed to such teenage intensity for 3 months is a cardio workout. The immediate shock that resonated through the hallways of being snapped back from summer’s dreamy haze and into desks and locker combination can be a little overwhelming. I spent summer catching up on the business of life: performing, writing, seeing old friends, doing outdoors activities, studying countries, acting like a pirate and lying on a beach. What confuses me is not being back in this environment that is my recurring cause of happiness, friendship, opportunity and stress, but how quickly I am already back in the rhythm of school. Due to the labor dispute, I and many others thought we would forever lose our footing but are so quickly adapting, I ponder how quickly a human can have their atmosphere shift and virtually immediately feel comfortable. As a grade 11, I think it is because I am used to McMath and the energetic social and educational expectations, maybe the wildcat mentality is so deep inside my skull coming back to school was just immediately natural. I argue however that this is not it, I think it is because our physical setting has its own implication of how we behave. Maybe because it is October, and in our brains we know school is school and no snooze button hits anymore so we resume where we should be in the place we are at the time we are. It makes me think that it is truly possible to get through anything, because despite the initial sweats and little hearts pumping, coming back to school is still just a mesh of helpful cotton candy and scheduled high-lighters. The break hasn’t affected the flow in the way we interact, and everything is still the same. As if the break in between never existed. It’s strange to think I already have remembered my exponent laws and french verb tenses after not particularly exercising that part of my mind for so long. Or the fact that social structure is the same. Or the fact that I know these sentences are fragments. My point is, in doesn’t matter what happened until this moment because now, we’re all back in the flow and it goes to show that setting has the ability to define our structure immensely and that is something inexplicably powerful. Yeah, a building and its people is definitely something that can change you.

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