Culture Days



Participating in the nation-wide celebration of creation, Culture Days left me energetic and eager to always wear red lipstick with polka-dotted pants. I’m so thankful to be able to share my craft I boil in my bedroom with a local community of writing and reading enthusiasts. Feeling appreciated is nice for every type of person and particularly a female teenage extrovert who writes chaotic political statements in rhyme. It seems to me that when I am performing for an audience that doesn’t consist of people who are typical spoken-word fans, having me demonstrate this new medium of poetry really opens up their doors to this new world- or I like to think. And that moment of “wowza what is this new age ABAB poetry” in the audience always imprints a grin-eater on my face.

It’s also effectively a self-esteem boost when people classify my presence as dynamic and passionate. Despite having participated in this form of communication for a little over two years, I am not near where I want to be. But at an experience like culture days, It feels good to know that I am right here, right now on the spectrum of broadening my imagination and connection in real life. Having these real life connections and being on display for people who are older (and have all presumably completed English 12 unlike me who is a week away from a Learners’ permit) makes me ponder on extreme levels beyond what I say during the discussion. It feels good to speak words and have people be attentive to my message and meaning. It is a feeling of not knowing what they are thinking in response and yet knowing that in that moment my perspective and insight is relevant and their response is cultivated by my initiation, regardless of what it may be.

Long story short, I am proud to have been on this author-panel with the other two authors Daniel and Annie, who are both older and naturally wiser than my naive polka-dotted brain. Their books are awesome and they are local authors and what’s not to love and they’re really great and if you want to check them out go and

I hope to have brought a few members in the audience into this world of poetry that has wrapped its arms around me. I blame the local word-smith scene for so many friends, memories, a boyfriend, opportunities for expression and a more distinct path to follow.

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