World Poetry Peace Festival Kick-Off


Ms. Ariadne Sawyer, founder of World Poetry, holding a lovely Fraser River anthology of youth poets and artists creating work to share their feelings about the impact the Fraser River has had on them can be found in this photo:


The lovely collection of diverse poets who performed at the event can be found in this photo:



This past Saturday, I had the privilege of hosting the first World Poetry event, The WP Peace Festival, with the new partnership at Britannia Library. It was lively event and all the poets shared 1-2 pieces either igniting the theme of peace or sparking people’s minds’ with their own personal experience of life.

The poetry shared with world-poetry is the less social-media popular type and more so people would clap and snap not because they understand what you are saying necessarily, but because they appreciate that you are existing with these thoughts.

It such a change to escape from the slam scene and participate in the other side of poetry in Vancouver. It’s level-heading to see that performance poetry isn’t the only type of poetry valued in culture and competition is solely a helpful tool to intrigue, not something to be trapped in and warped. I find with spoken-word the idea of “pain-pimping”, the concept of writing generic sad pitiful things to please judges is something that anyone who has ever liked to win has probably stumbled upon, I find at times catching myself wanting to relate with the audience into acceptance rather than being as genuine as I can. With World Poetry it is a breath of fresh air, always to see poetry being expressed for the sole sake of poetry being expressed.

I guess what it comes down to, both worlds are trying to do the same thing: manufacture and then spread ideas.

Spoken word poetry is called performance poetry because it is an entertaining, dynamic and intriguing type of bending words and the poetry I spent my weekend with is a heart-wrenching, truthful form of expression and in-reality both worlds co-exist a lot more than it seems.

All poetry spoken to another person is created to harness something would like to be heard and everyone has trouble finding how exactly they want to say it.

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