Current problems of humanity summarized in 270 words


8. People are scared to admit this is the “best” day ever or “the best meal of their life” because there are so many options for activities it is overwhelming. And the activities themselves end up being underwhelming if they do not exceed our expectation. Because our expectation is unimaginably high. It can’t be the best if its not perfect. Think about the best meal of your life? Not feeling too satisfied? Yeah.

7. Everything is brought to light more, especially all the tragedies. I mean this in the way that there is such an over-exposure to information. Before you wouldn’t know if bad things were happening in the world as much as you would constantly be reminded of it now. I don’t think there is an increase in world suck merely the spotlight is put to what people ache to hear, and people want to hear about world conflict and not about how someone’s super uncoordinated pet dog finally caught a tennis ball.

6. Everyone seems to be riding melancholy mountain because happiness is very much “so 2005”

5. It is because there is so much information, products, artists, creation and not enough time so we have no choice but to ignore it. IGNORE EVERYTHING. Over exposure to ideas contaminates us until we are paralyzed.

4. There are too many choices for simple things, like clothes or bananas.

3. We build up expectations of events and feelings with brands and activities, claiming to be remarkable but they are not and we seek out more remarkable ideas, desperate to be slightly more alive.

2. People are scared to be bold, but everyone wants to be heard.

1. We are easily desensitized and then discouraged from being discouraged.

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