My Journey with CPAWS

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 9.26.26 AM75

When my English teacher recommended I do an outdoors program during the summer, I expected to maybe  swim in a lake, not have my heart ripped out and restrung in a vicious Wilderness vs. Wifi battle. In June 2013, I escaped into Get Outside BC’s magic for 5 days and the experience blossomed from there.

I was so inspired by all the people around me, and the motivation of Kluane, Temily, and Elyse.  Before Get Outside BC, I had organized a few large outdoors trips with friends, but never anything I’d called an “event”- so I was curious as to where this might take me. My passion for nature and preserving it was very real, even though I was merely a 15 year old desperate for guidance. I was scared that at the end of all this training I’d end up confused and unsure of what event I should create.

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