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This weekend at TEDx KIDS BC, I had the great opportunity to lead a workshop and take part in the day with HUM, the not-for profit organization close to my heart.  TEDx was an awesome day, lots of young speakers with great stories to share about how they overcome struggles and became successful, strong and happy. Among the youth speakers, HUM got to share the stage doing an energizer about music and its ability to revolutionize one’s life.

Afterwards, we attracted many people to our workshop where we discussed the three H’s of music: Healing, Happiness and Harmony. And we call these 3 H’s the key to changing your life.

We got people involved, engaged and listening, hoping to inspire that music is so much more than just a song on the radio or an avoided practice of the cello but a way to see the world differently.

Music is so powerful because it gives you again and again a message of “why” and “how” answering, listening and sharing intimate connections with you.

Music is about you.

It’s insane how just a combinations of 8 notes in a scale can combine to be so powerful, but again 8 letters are used to spell Beautiful.

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