YEA Youth Evening of Arts


The Youth Evening of Arts was a mini arts festival happening in Vancouver’s westside.The event was for youth by youth, which I love. I believe in young people coming together to share positive energy, to collaborate with each other and be able to showcase who they are in a safe environment. This is what fuels my idea behind Arts in the Park and why I got involved with YEA.

I believe in youth having opportunity to explore and have opportunity to be exposed to what other youth are doing and I think it’s amazing how much of that there is in Vancouver. I want to keep that trend, because if I dream of anything at all, it’d have to be a world where people can think and spread ideas that other people react too. I believe everyone should be heard and a part of it.

The Youth Evening of Arts event took place on November 15th as part of Kitsilano Neighbourhood House’s grand re-opening celebration. It was an event of music and improv and poetry.10481889_685477788197285_9055692117760631346_n

There was10339661_654353171309747_4395212689318725567_n a button making station, art displayed, cool interactive activities and lots of young folk like me, eager to step their little feet into this pool of thought-change.  I performed three poems to the kind audience and realized my potential as a stand-up comedian on my artistic butchering of my last line of my last poem.

It was a great night, with great purpose and great people ❤

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