Violence Against Women Chimo Conference

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The Violence Against Women Conference hosted by CHIMO on December 3rd invited me to perform spoken word among the (actual) speakers offering solutions and input to the heavy topic of ongoing abuse and sexism towards women.
The conference featured speakers of all sorts and attendees were members of different organizations within the Richmond community, each geared towards helping clients feel secure, safe and reestablish confidence in their own life.
It was a great opportunity for us to see the extremely positive work so many people are doing to contribute to women who suffer from domestic abuse. Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.19.45 PM
In other places, people aren’t so lucky to have great programs to back them up in case of these horrifying situations.
In this photo from a real promotional piece created by the “police” of Northern Ireland, you can see the concept of “victim-blaming” reenforcing the idea that if a women does not protect herself adequately she is at fault for any assault and the mention of a man is not present.
The fact that men are always seen as unsexy, helpless crazy sex animals who “have no choice” but to constantly need to be engaging in intercourse with women despite what she says is disgusting. One of the speaker, a man, spoke about how the focus is always on the victim in situations and the man is always seen as less important and therefore less worthy of question.
Simply structuring a statement: “Mark hit Jane,” and “Jane was hit,” shows the difference in where the focus is of the problem.
The abuse women face is still a big issues and it pains me tremendously to see that even in this generation of “new-thought” and working past stereotypes, society is still encouraging prostitution (paid rape), pornography and mainstream media promotes females as objects.
The first step to solving a problem like this of how we socially view eachother’s genders and their associated roles is by talking about it and having a revolution of thought; it starts with conferences like this.  photo 1  photo

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