2015: Is it even real?

mom1.jpg dadpicthree.jpg emilypicthree.jpg lylepicturetwo.jpg

I can’t believe it’s been another year. 365 days melt into another 365 days, and that is it and boom and bam and did anything even happen? Like is there hands-on proof that 2014 ever happened, more so is there any actual evidence that tells me this in fact is 2015?

Is twenty fifteen even a real number? Because 2015, we aren’t talking about it as a number are we. We are talking about it as a way of life disguised as an integer. But this disguise- is this just an imaginary number I am learning about in pre-calculus? How much is a twenty fifteen? Can it be divided by another year, or multiplied, can I touch twenty fifteen?

Can I eat twenty fifteen?

I learned over the course of much complicated and advanced scientific exploration that if it is not edible, seen, touchable, is not an emotion, tangible or unable to be described in less than eight words it is simply not real.

Nonetheless, this is a concept, delectably fictional- but probably still real. And in any concept there are things the concept should achieve.

In this one, I want to spend a little more time smiling with people I love, exploring great marvelous things, taking pictures, writing, creating, running and living a little bit warmer- however that may be.

IMG_1155 IMG_1167 IMG_1190

Also if you didn’t find what I wrote funny check this out it will explain how my female genitalia actually disturbs my ability to make coherent jokes. Because of this article I am so angry I am viciously incited to become a moderately decent stand-up comedian in addition to  poet by 2016 : http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2007/01/hitchens200701

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