Holiday Jams and Volunteers and Jamming Volunteering and Volunteer Jams and Jammy Jammy J

I’ll keep this one quick and short and nice and spicy.

It was a great time to be able to round up people for great causes, and with HUM we’ve been doing a lot that sort of great thing. Greatness!

There was the event at the Kiwanis/ Scottish Manor, getting musicians to come out to celebrate with the residents.



However coming and grabbing my friends to go Christmas carolling was the HUM holiday highlight!

10300244_1520438661575214_753628633032361221_n1482968_1520438248241922_8748833502439180241_n   10881580_1520438451575235_4072820640372229589_n

We raised a lot of dollars ( over 200 of those bills) for the Vancouver Food Bank! We carolled in the rain and brought out the holiday cheer, because the pacific storm doesn’t slow us down.


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