CBC- Jr J School


CBC reporters, producers, veterans and investigative journalists shared their stories with young journalism enthusiasts in the Studio 40 theater each sharing challenges and an outlook on their own technique, passion and drive.  This workshop, dubbed “Junior J school” surprised the lot of students attending from my school.
The first surprise that there was over 350 bodies parading the halls, the second that the workshop was actually a conference setting, the third that the chairs were very close together and the fourth that the CBC folk encouraged us to tweet and social-hash tag.
The wildcat soon-to be journalists quickly found each other among the scrambled crowd of ambitious youth, a group of eight girls in the senior grades.
The CBC employees hustled our confused bodies into a theater, that had two glowing screens and a spot-lit stage, host Miyoung Lee introduced the show and invited us to open up our minds to the riveting information they were about to share.
Throughout the day, the message of “wanting to share the truth with the public,” was repeated again and again.
Host Andrew Chang spoke about how sometimes it is important to know what feedback to take from the viewers.
 News Now host Ian Hanomansing, B.C. Almanac host Gloria Macarenko, senior correspondent Adrienne Arsenault, National correspondent Duncan McCue, meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe all went on to discuss the importance of accuracy of information, truth and connection with the audience.
 Go Public host Kathy Tomlinson shared how her show has maybe positive impact in the world,  sharing a story of how one voiceless high school drop-out came to her to report the injustice he was fasting at McDonalds and that created a revolution, encouraging us all to seek ways in journalism can do the same. 
 Early Edition host Rick Cluff and video journalist Susana da Silva wrapped up the showing us the other forms of programs CBC runs, and sparked potential interest in a career as VJ or radio-host instead of news-broadcaster or journalist.
The best surprise was the delicious subway sandwich, cookie, chips and drink.  Personally, I prefer satire, columns and making fun of absolutely anything, but hey real life reporting is OK too sometimes.

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