How Musicara Went down

Musicara, a fun little name that has less to do with Mascara than you’d think took place at Performance Works on Granville Island last week’s Tuesday, Feb. 10 starting at 7 p.m, after the dedicated HUM group got to work.

Normally, we’re all about using music as a way to bring happiness into the lives of people by volunteering to perform at hospices or local charities but last year was the first year we took on organizing a huge concert at Granville Island working together with local charities and bringing them into the spotlight. Though there was a lot of doubt as with anything new and that doesn’t have a huge brand name will be when it first comes out, I myself, an optimistic sceptic dove right in. Last year, my role was pretty major in the organizing process and we really worked together everyone passionate about the idea of HUM, this year with the group growing and growing, my duties are lesser but I am not complaining.

Musicara was quite successful, though part of me misses the intimacy of it being a small group, all of us old folk can agree we are moving forward and that is nothing but the best possible thing on a really grand level of satisfaction.

Musicara’s goal was to raise money and awareness for the local organization, Beauty Night Society. The society is devoted to increasing confidence and changing the lives of women and youth living in poverty by offering wellness, life skills development and makeovers for 300 women each week, totaling over 50,000 makeovers by the end of 2014.

It was great to connect with everyone and it’s amazing to be a part of a group of people all dedicated to making a difference, the audience attracted to the lineup of Warren Dean Flandez, Gio Levy and The Simpson Brothers and more, but also they stayed because of this concert’s ability to leave knowing that their contribution went to a meaningful impact.

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