DSC_4835 DSC_4839

Personification! “Hey guys, so what word do you see in personification!”

“Person, but I also see son, and if and if you scramble the letters I see soon and rat”


I feel as though children are honestly so ridiculously attentive it both inflates my ego and makes my ego shrink to the size of a pea to wonder if my poetry is super captivating, the most it’s ever been to a new audience. Even if that new audience might only love it so much because it is extremely weird and never seen before. Still. Actually I changed my mind. My ego is huge. I love kids. They are so sweet. After a quick lesson on components of a poem and what personification is, we talked about what humans can do that objects cannot!

Singing, talking, moving, breathing all sorts of things came up. My favourite was “sitting”.DSC_4845DSC_4850

We read some riddles of random objects being personified and then they did there own! It was a success.

Honestly, they all put me to shame with their cunning and clever poetry.

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