10409629_872945396077056_8980164118309988863_n 10422297_874169245954671_7183790408537974226_n 10891822_873565082681754_7589666719664184651_n 10984999_873565019348427_2633380636976038209_n 11078264_872945429410386_6084359891713235546_n 11089029_872945416077054_8350393205548568835_n 11124480_873565122681750_1134398078518436793_n

Team Wild Cat in a Hats

Attacked at the

Vancouver Public Library
Their Poetry wasn’t binary, their words were a diary
Of social movements for the future
Reflections on the past
Oh how this BC provincial poetry competition made them grow up so fast!
Oh the places the went…
The people they met!
A weekend at the end of April, they could not forget!
The English Honors class visited them too,
To this foreign jungle, the spoken weird world of Hullaballoo…
There were two bouts, workshops and underground indies
There were 16 schools, and the loudest snaps of the city
There were poems shared from people all across BC
There were points, but at last the poetry is the point and the key!
Words were spat
Snap chats exchanged
Rhymes rearranged
Words were indeed spat as they say
Made a little bit more than friends with Team Leg Day
Team Wild Cat in a Hat will be back again!

11143722_874207835950812_2353214612249817355_n 11164729_874169149288014_3765958378403816625_n 11182328_873565042681758_7492215194604133602_n 11196231_873565039348425_2650360216410585151_n 11196292_874334022604860_2632292111988840669_n 18231_873563479348581_2651669045809095779_n 1473046_872945176077078_5349312918318959249_n 10376278_872945302743732_5567116411423564397_n 10383568_874334019271527_4412073588766871806_n

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