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Music! Music! Music! Volunteering! Friendship!

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is probably the best festival of Vancouver for the way it makes everyone seem much more human. As a volunteer it is such an enchanting experience to be eating lunch and dinner by musicians and festival coordinators.

My job was being a volunteer assistant, which is basically equal to being the lowest ranked volunteer. But joking aside I was with an excellent group of youth and made friends from all over, not just all over the lower-mainland but all over the lower mainland! Our jobs consisted of having fun and occasionally helping things run smoothly while growing on entry level duties to fulfill Folk Fest Volunteer Needs. Mostly, to enjoy the festival and get us ol’ chubby chip eating youth involved in the festivities.

The 7 stages filled with musicians like Said the Whale, Blind Pilot and Lucius all of which I dove into a frenzy after a healthy dose of listening.

Beans on Toast,  Fortunate Ones and Sousou & Maher Cissoko were some of my favorite duos of the weekend, which had a strong early start on Friday and a heated ending on Sunday night.

Matuto, La Gallera Social Club and 100 Mile House made my feet lose absolute control.

The way I think of the Folk Festival is a family-friendly rave where people come out feeling inspired to feel a need to change the world and reduce universal suck. There were many great bands and I am happy to say I listened to my fair share and as a volunteer I was not stressed about scattering and planning out my day between all of the stages and dying if I didn’t see someone or did or made the right choice or the wrong choice or ahhhhh

Anyway! Here are some of the other musical highlights:

Artist Square Thumbs Annie-LouB

Annie Lou

Boot grooving tunes with an old time feel, delivered with stomp, pluck, & tenderness.

My friend Reuben from Portland who was in my committee took some amazing out of this world photos which you can find here:


Until next year VFMF!

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