Meditation Retreat

I attended the 8.5 day health and happiness retreat at Bohdi Meditation at the beginning of July which was located in the depths of Richmond, BC.

I’m only writing a post about this now because well erm I’ve honestly had to reflect on what has happened to me.

Some things that I’ve learned while partaking on the retreat is that I need to practice 3 Greater Illuminations and one Meditation of Purity everyday to feel myself transform.

But I’ve learned so much more, I thought writing this post would be easier but I honestly have no idea how to even attempt to hit on the various points that shook me while I was there. I remain a jumble. Throughout this retreat there was a free lunch, breakfast and dinner and snacks which were tenably the most enlightening part because during this time there is opportunity to approach anyone and listen to their stories. Most people that were at the retreat were there because of sickness that they’ve had and wanted to become healed while others were there to learn or see something they haven’t exposed themselves to before.

I had met a hypnotherapist, a neuroscientist,  a mental health advocate, a man who was paralyzed for the past 10 years due to a snowboarding accident- all people who I now consider my friends. All people there for different reasons but at the most underground level there is the unity force of desire to grow.

I think I went to the retreat in quest to satisfy my spiritual curiosity and silence the busy bumbles in the back of mind, you know do that foreign wizardry others call: relacking. relaking. rilaxing.

But I gained so much more. Entering this blog post I thought I would try to make sense of the gibberish that is some of the scribbles I jotted down during the teaching but nah, I’m going to talk about something different, the feeling and not so much the concept behind it.

In essence, the meditation is based upon the idea that the universe has energy and you have energy and everything has energy and you need to have a substantial amount of good energy in you to be in a state of health. If you are lacking energy or there is negative energy in your body than you could be sick. Cold is associated with negative energy, being released, expelled or maybe being entered into the system. While hot energy is positive and blah blah you don’t really need to know this or believe this but just know for me this is real and good.

As a recreational cynic, I am always skeptical and bitter about what I believe is just complete corporate garbage and jargon. At this retreat I will be the first to admit there were certain teachings that I did not agree with and maybe it is because I am not a brainwashed cult following fiend completely ready to give up my previous experiences and thoughts to enter a foreign ideology.

I did raise an eyebrow. I raised many eyebrows.

However, there were many great valuable lessons that were given in the teachings throughout this retreat that I’m sure everyone already knows inside and feels. The concepts that sickness is related to emotions and they are integrated in infinite ways. That we should be kind to our parents and not neglect them. That we should stop and learn that our health is more important than anything else. And mostly to be compassionate, open and willing to learn from anyone and accept everyone including yourself.

At the end of each day the energy from the meditation would grow more powerful. Near the end there was no denying what I was feeling. A feeling that I’ve felt before in practice but much stronger. It would grow and grow. There are some things I saw and felt I have never seen before. I cannot explain those with my cynical mind. For the remainder of the retreat I had learn to accept with answering, without truly thinking.

But as you all know, I am very bad at not thinking.

I know I have only scratched the surface of this meditative state that I know I am capable of reaching. I know that going deeper might mean letting loose of the thoughts and the second looks that I take at certain ideas that are taught. (Also don’t get me wrong, nothing is negative- it is just the principle of very elaborate spiritual questions being given complete and solid answers that I am unwilling to accept as the sole key.)

Is there a way to redefine what I am experiencing for myself? Or should I just give in?

Dare I have a desire to grow deeper?

I haven’t done the Bohdi meditation since the retreat, though the teachers recommended we do. I will go this Thursday to the healing and see how I feel. I will very much see.

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