Art Rich 2015 Performance + General Life Mumble

I recently have been dwelling into the mysterious depths of foreign jungle commonly refereed to as “work-force.”

That’s right kids I got a part-time gig sifting children from the safety of their homes into the safety back into their homes as well as conversing with wonderful folk about the jungle that is art-work at the RAG.

BUT. My dear peers. My professional doctorate poetic Seus PHD is finally coming through. The poet’s life has paid half a bill so far ladies and gents and the dough just keeps on rolling.

I was honored to be asked to perform at Art Rich 2015, the opening of a new exhibit at the Richmond Art Gallery which is the result of an open-call to everyone and a jury of blind judges picking the best work to be hung on the prestigious walls.

Some art hung is impressive. Others cunning. Most inexplicably interesting. Though I’ve been walking the halls of the RAG for a while, I always find something new about the art each time.

My performance itself was always interesting as non-poetry folk either get confused or fall in love with me, this one I would say was a fair mix of both. Performing for many artists, they know what is up in the mind of self-dubbed existentialists so it’s a mix of respect and fear. I had a great time doing two poems, Strands and 100%.

My good friend that I met on the meditation retreat took one, he was quite the professional videographer with his massive complicated set-up that put all of the official looking staff (me) to shame.

I hope to get that soon and share it with you wonderful children. In addition I recently performed both of those poems at the poetry slam but Duncan the Saintly Giant was unable to attend my second place victory and my brilliant relatively okay execution of the poetry.

But have no fear! You will see a performance soon. For now here are some pictures and thanks for putting up with this tangled thoughts for one other day.

Goodnight WordPress.

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