For the past few months I’ve been popping into the office on Seymour Street that is quite unlike any other…

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.05.09 AM

In this office, there are phone calls and computer screens, and at its surface you might confuse you it for a commercial cooperation. But the business is indeed a not-for profit, and its computers a gateway to this:

Bear Grass, Flathead Valley, Mountains of the Flathead and Glacier (to the right) from Mt. Hefty.


I spent two days a week during my summer and first weeks back to school working away at The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, volunteering to help put on an event to fundraise to put back life into the environment, or how CPAWS puts it: keep it wild.

I helped out Michelle who was the coordinator of Big Wild Challenge, as her personal assistant slave.

I’m kidding, I was more of the coordinator assistant. The assistant coordinator. It was sweet. The Big Wild Challenge was a trail run that happened this past saturday at Lynn Valley HeadWaters devoted to allowing enthusiasts to get out into nature and get their peers to fundraise them as they raced for the protection of BC ecology.  In addition to this trail run, there was another one also held in Victoria- these two events as well as the other events held across Canada all together are one of the biggest fundraisers for CPAWS all year round. The final component of The Big Wild Challenge, was its “choose your own adventure” aspect where participants can choose their own idea of how to engage with the outdoors, this could mean anything: some participants did wild activities like hiking up the west coast trail or running the Canadian death race, others could choose less extreme options like canoeing across the indian arm.

I found it interesting that the similarities between organizing an artistic event versus a trail event are virtually nothing but identical.  The same tasks applied, getting sponsors, promoting, budgeting and the most nitty gritty: feeling passionate about the cause.

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