Culture Days Launch Performance

I was quite ecstatic when I heard news that I was invited to perform at the provincial culture days launch for BC. I mean, I’m seventeen and know nothing about the world and this renowned event wants me to be the face of it?! Last year, I had the pleasure to be on an author panel with AK White and Daniel Kalla during culture days, but now I am perrforrrmrmingiongiogriogjru309?

I lose the ability to talk upon getting excited.

[My attempt at charisma can be viewed here: ]

Anyway, I had the chance to share a poem, strands (which you can listen to here ) and as always with performing just a single poem, I felt those nasty ol’ fireflies in the stomach as soon as I grabbed the microphone.


But thankfully I located my Mom in the crowd which in retrospect makes it worse because I can feel her being more nervous than I am.DSC_6692

Anyway, after the first couple of sentences it starts to get fun. I like the microphone, it makes me feel like I can say anything and everyone will agree with me no matter what.DSC_6694

Pineapples are vegetables.

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