Word on the Street

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from this spectacular event. But my performance at Word Vancouver was a highlight from my weekend of back to back shows. I had a half hour set where I did 6 or 7 poems (one of which was my new poem Abracadabra which I will update this blog with later when I make a satisfactory recording). Then there was a Q and A where I jabbered gibbered joobered  through some speech and pretended to be magical.

It was great to stand on the CUPE stage which was the only completely open (as in no tent covering) stage at the event. The sunny day attracted thousands of people to the event and I was happy to get a handful of those thousands intrigued by words and my self-proclaimed with.

It feels so good to share words that mean something to me. It feels even better to see some people even for a second feel something too.

After I was done, I had a few people purchase my poetry chapbooks, She IS, which made me quite ecstatic. My friends Sasha and Kerry came out for me afterword we checked out the other festivities and there were A LOT OF AMAZING FESTIVITIES.

There was a transit poetry section, where poets spat on a bus. There was live video showings. Places to buy posters, comic books- you name it. But my favorite moment of the day was being a featured writer at this awesomeness increasing event along side the author of World’s Toughest Milkman. Pretty. Unreal.

It was a huge honor to be invited to perform at this event where poets travel great distances to attend. Again: I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s very slowly working out somehow, in some way.

Thanks for being fantastic.

word on the street angelica poversky

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