General Life Mumble featuring: Peer Pressure in Art

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Here is my next general life mumble today’s theme is selecting who you are.

In class today we read an expert from Steal like An Artist, it mentioned how at all times it is valuable to take what you want from others are rebrand it to be your own. Take a perspective, chew on it and spit it out as a something that belongs to you.

Art and life are basically the exact same in more ways than you can imagine, (but also I see weightlifting as a metaphor for religion so I might not be the best person to serve as the poster child for connection) because they both influence each other. Stick with me here when I say art is a lot like life in the way that our personalities are just a product of what we like and what we don’t like, our actions a product of what we like and what we don’t like, our thoughts, our philosophy, our everything. But what we like and what we don’t like: that is only derived from what we have seen and experienced. What we have seen and experienced is not original but what we make from that is always slightly fresh and always more true to who we are; no one will ever perceive or feel anything the same.

Art and life are identical to a trip to SuperStore. We pick out what we like and leave what we don’t like on the shelf and put it into our shopping cart. Then we go home and make a delicious meal and then someone will ask us for our recipe and that person can use all the same ingredients but there will be just enough room for variation for it to be different, and just enough different the next person will continue to evolve  and pick something we left on the shelf and so on so forth and BOOOM the science of artistic evolution is indeed a thing ladies and gentlemen.

In my art, I like to choose from other poets and writers what they did to make me think and recreate it to make it realer for me over and over again until I have perfected my voice. I think my voice is always changing, not to say that it isn’t solidified but to say that as I grow my artistic voice grows with me.

Again, I learn what I don’t like and what I do like and I think at the end of the day that determines who you are and what you choose to focus your energy on- this is why I don’t understand when people spend their time contributing to  a cause they don’t care about, being friends with someone whose company they don’t enjoy- because then your metaphorical cake (the representation of your life (yes my metaphors are on point)) will taste in a way that you don’t like, then you will be a person that you don’t like. It’s a simple algorithm.

That’s the problem with humanity and art today. We are stuck eating the liver broccoli cake our friend made instead of the pecan pie we found elsewhere. Soon we are making liver broccoli cakes and losing sight of our taste buds.

I’m writing this piece because at times I have to recall that though the artistic voice can grow and evolve, everything that you do should contribute to how you want to perceived overall as an artist, or that evolution will be stunt or worse moving in the wrong direction. Sometimes it’s great to see life from another perspective and learn from it- but we are too caught up in that frame. There is only so much you can like in your life, and what you like you should attract instead of giving a chance and saying “yes” to not only what doesn’t reflect your character but won’t created a meaningful or profound impact.

When you write a song or attend a conference: ask yourself in my 12 hours I am awake and moving today will this move me in a truthful direction that I want to go or will this move me in a direction that I wish to pretend to me a member of to avoid stepping on toes?

Be different, be unique, be real. Stay real. Stay real. Eat the meringue if you so desire and eat that broccoli pie if you so desire: one man’s broccoli pie another’s lemon meringue.  Steal ingredients but steal the right ones.

[Also speaking of weightlifting broccoli is an excellent steroid so maybe eat in anyways]

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