Apologies for the late blogging, but the blogging is necessary and though time and timing are not on my side this month experience and knowledge are doing alright. At the end of last month and at the start of this one, my mini-school of project-based learning has once again triumphed all other mediums of education.

[I’m only kidding. Learning is fun in all ways. My way is just a tiny bit superior to yours because my way including zip lining.]

We arrived to Campbell river and then moved our excited bodies into the depths of The Strathcona Provincial Park. Instantly we were divided into our two groups: one for white water canoeing and another for biking and old fashioned canoeing.

We spent our first night there gazing into the wilderness and getting to know ourselves a little bit better as well as our leaders.

SKY-Strathcona2015- - 1 SKY-Strathcona2015- - 3 SKY-Strathcona2015- - 4 SKY-Strathcona2015- - 6 SKY-Strathcona2015- - 8 SKY-Strathcona2015- - 9 SKY-Strathcona2015- - 12

After a heated came of psychatrist at the campfire we were off for our journey.

The white water canoers went one way:

SKY-Strathcona2015- - 19 SKY-Strathcona2015- - 21

And our group of bikers and calm canoers got split up. The canoers took all of our gear and paddled away to our campsite as we peddled towards it.

SKY-Strathcona2015- - 14 SKY-Strathcona2015- - 24

The bike ride was relatively mellow, we did eat some delicious granola bars on the way. May I stress how wonderful these granola bars were. Crunchy. Buttery. Chocolaty. Thick. Creamy. It melts in your mouth but somehow still makes you feel so so so aliveeeeeeee.

In addition to “THE GRANOLA BARS” as I will refer to from now on (picture me screaming at you as I say this) the highlight of everything I saw at strathcona was this bridge:

SKY-Strathcona2015- - 26

What? It’s just a regular old bridge? I don’t get it? Oh you silly internet goer. No. No. It’s wonderful. It completely captivates you and leaves you speechless. That was the most serene connection between on edge of beauty to another.

Once we got to the camp site we set up our tarp, ate food and established camp ground. The day after that we hiked around, saw some elk and bears and really bonded as a group.

SKY-Strathcona2015- - 2 SKY-Strathcona2015- - 16 SKY-Strathcona2015- - 17 SKY-Strathcona2015- - 25

After two nights of sleeping under the stars and doing the inevitable in front of poor traumatized squirrels, we hit back into our canoes and bikes and met up with our other group back at the lodge.

It was a shame to leave such a lovely place and I am glad I get to leave “real life” and enter a realer life sometimes.

SKY-Strathcona2015- - 28 SKY-Strathcona2015- - 30

Check out this video made by Laura Prietsley about our journey:

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