Writing Our Dreams: The Finale


I was delighted to have been invited to work with this year’s Writer in Residence, Sally Stubbs. I helped her in the creation of Writing Our Dreams a series of workshops followed by a finale of prose, plays and poetry at our local performance hall.

It was a great opportunity for me to understand to a fuller extent the complexities of being a writer and the importance of creating, thinking, exploring and well submerging into the dream realm of things.

I was her little assistant if you will or tall assistant if you shall lie to yourself. I helped out with the youth workshops mostly, but also assisted with other things like designing posters/programs and piecing the finale together.

The workshops were an enjoyable experience. We had a team of 10 youth to work with and I hope it was a meaningful experience for all of them. They were all such good writers ahhhhh! How do you even lead a workshop when they are already so talented? On another note why does Arnold Schwarzenegger have a trainer?

Because we can keep growing! All of us. I slid into the learning seat as I slid into the teaching seat with these workshops, it was interesting to interview my knowledge of poetry with Sally’s play writing. Did I mention I am in sheer admiration of her?

There were three workshop sessions in preparation for the finale. We went through the importance of character-an attribute I often neglect because I focus too much on theme, the allowance of expression without judgement and how to limit exposition in every form of writing.

Together, the youth came up with powerful new works with strong characters. Art is a work in progress and in our finale we saw the art progress:

Many bodies came out of their way to see a core group of each of the workshops (which included not only youth but also seniors and children with their parents) and many bodies were impressed with the quality of the creation of these flourishing writers.

Writing is not something that was taught in this series but rather uncovered. Uncover the inner truths then the inner dreams might take you somewhere else if you let them.


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