2016: What it brings so far life update

2016. Ah the number just sounds good. It’s just one of those years that you hear the word and it sounds good. 2016 seems, sounds and tastes like transition.

So far it has brought me: a performance of poetry on public transit, the featuring in a documentary called Art Talking Women, coordination of a richmond youth arts exhibition, my two best friends exchanging salty eye contact at dinner, an acceptance to McGill, a sprained knee while skiing, cancelled plans and a partridge in a pear tree.

What I know it will bring me: A trip to Toronto, a performance at CHIMO Violence Against Women Conference, The McMath Slam Night, more performances, lots of busking, the launch of Push Buttons the exhibit I’ve been working on with an artist, the launch of Art Talking Women- the video about my “life” (oh gosh) where I disturb natural human in public status and  curating Richmond’s first ever youth art exhibition.

What I hope it will bring me: more acceptances, scholarships, happiness, best friends that like each other, performances, excitement outdoor activities, lifting, food, smiles, blankets, music, travel, poetry finals night, making the poetry team,  Arts in the Park 2016, running a marathon, starting September in the place I want to be.

It’s scary, it’s exciting, it’s unknown territory.  That’s kind of the magic beyond the new year, pondering where it will take you and where you will take yourself. If I think back to 2015 I wonder of how it brought me to where I am and how weird it is to have everything assembled in such a way.

Ah. Life shall keep going. Keep moving and I guess we will see what happens. I’ll keep updating as there is progression.

Taking it easy.

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