Alt- J This All Yours

How I love Alt-J. Their rhythm, their quiet poetry, their sexy undertone, their light power they tease you with… OH. So. So. So. Good.

I have felt the need to write a little review on this wonder work of art after stumbling through the disgusting lands of the internet that will take what you love and criticize it to its very bone- so I need to set all those people who have read the OTHER review straight.

Their debut album, An Awesome Wave, a religious kind of sound. It echoes from within you. It buries your idea of beauty in some computerized surrealist. Entrancing folk and computerized boink.  But this new(ish) album released last last September has got singer-guitarist Joe Newman  giving dark, pensive, rushes of  blind euphoria while just having a great time.

The Gospel of John Hurt is an alien kind of pleasure. Arrival in Nara/Nara/Leaving Nara is a religious rush that reinvents paganism. The electronic meets guitar meets church freaky shimmer hammer is the best thing your ears will ever encounter.

alt-J knows how to make music beautiful, effortless, holy, pure. They can captivate something effortless through rumbles, overlay call it a formula, a math, an art- it’s something that an artist possesses to produce beautifully every single time.

If you are still not convinced “Love is a pharaoh and he’s boning me” is literally a lyric. How beautifully messed up is that. Slow to jam, up to front, torrid to goofy, sex metaphor to love metaphor- I even like Miley Cyrus a little now:





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