Art Talking Women Project Update

This project has been a lot of fun.

Working with Ying has been somewhat unexpected but very much like finding a really sweet toy in the kinder surprise chocolate.

maxresdefault When she approached me after the Pecha Kucha night I was excited to be a part of something that I kind of blindly agreed to without even actually knowing what I had signed up for- you know the usual.

She talked to me all about her company  Cinevolution Media Arts.  And her current project, Art Talking Women where she and the other people working with her highlight an artist in the community and do a short documentary about their life. For some reason, I was enough woman and enough artist to be picked to take part in this magic journey.

During a few months we met, discussed, created an image of what the video would be. Ying wanted to evolve the conventional talking heads (ish) approach that had started off the series and move more into an abstract approach at highlighting what the artist wanted to say with their work, maybe without actually saying it. We played with the idea of the limits of imagination and human social conventions. We wanted the video to show what human interaction allowed and what the internal imagination of a person can exhibit without being released. I am currently obsessed with this. The internal world, the brain, the feeling, the emotion, the world inside of us that we don’t showcase in these exchanges. We wanted to go back and forth between the surreality and the mundanity that is humaneness.

So over winter break, we spent some time recording and reworking some poems as well as the background music for the video with my lovely friend Gabe in our band that you should check out. In addition to this we at the start of the year recorded this project’s visual components. Which we did last weekend, it included an all day adventure of me walking with a painted styrofoam head- embodying my imagination and doing mundane things. But as the video progressed the head would tell me to go outside the norm and perform poetry or transit, dance through the Skytrain or just go full wizard.

Nothing really softens the ego then acting like a wizard in public, or rather unleashing my true form.

I think we primarily have all the footage we need aside from textual support.

I’m excited to see the launch of the project, happening on February 12 at Viveo Media Arts at 7pm. I’m excited to see what it will all come out to look like!



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