General Life Recap Mumble Jumble

Hello blog world!

I’m sorry I hadn’t been there for you recently! I had only a little bit of trouble the past while with being out of the old sickness and tumble loop but now I am back on the right track my dear friends. Life sometimes seems like a period where you jump over cracks after cracks, hoping to not slip and look at me! I have not fallen! I’m still here and here are some good news!

There is the HUM concert coming up this Friday:


I’ll be performing at SLAM JAM next Thursday which you can read about here:

And I made it into playoffs for poetry which is coming up in later this month:

And I’ve had the pleasure to find out I’ll be performing and a part of some cool projects coming up soon. Making a youth art exhibition happen, making art elevators, having a digital art exhibition between sculpture and poetry, organizing festivals, performing at TEDx and an environmental event and potentially being a part of a few exhibitions….


But beyond these wonderful things, there are some other things clogging the old brain. I have turned 18 today and though I did genuinely expect to awake with a suit, a tie and a realization of what life is and what the purpose of everything is- unfortunately I did not. I do think the adult label is all a lie.


I feel like this transitional period is a mix of exciting as scary, terrifying as adventurous. The transitional period of whoops boom floom bam high school is almost over and now I have to dive feet first into not being guarded, protected and fed all the answers. Now my heart is just beating fast as new things get uncovered about what the future might look like every day.

My friend recently said to me that it is so interesting and crazy how desired we are in this weird mutational state. It’s true! When else will people be so eager to accept us into their institutions or into their warm university arms?

It is exhilarating, that everything that I had worked so hard for is finally coming here and offering me opportunity. It is scary, not quite knowing what path is the one I should take. I know who I want to be and I know where I want to go but the trouble is how do I keep going there. It’s also scary because I am shockingly- always trying to find ways to challenge and do my best- so I have left myself big shoes to fill in the upcoming. But regardless of all this pressure, all of these changes, all of this movement that has been suddenly put on me, I have a hopeful itch that maybe everything will fall into place. As I look back, everything in my life, no matter how bad or how awful- it works out. It all smooths over. And things continue. I’m sure they will this time too. They will just continue. And maybe instead of jumping cliff, I am merely jumping a slightly larger crack in the earth than I am used to.

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