Wicked and WILD WORDS

I’m very thankful to have a supportive group of people at The Richmond Cultural Centre that basically said “hey throw shows and have fun! here’s everything you need!”

And so I had everything I needed and invited some fellow poets to do a small little poetry night inside the Performance Hall of the Richmond Cultural Centre on April 2nd (this saturday’s past).

It was a cute lovely little event and I am happy to know that there will be more little shows like this in the future. I like performing for an audience that laughs at my jokes and I even tried out a few brand new poems including “A poem to the man who told me to put all my faith in lucifer on the bus.”

Spoiler: the poem is just “No”.

Anyway it was a really good time. Andrew Warner totally killed it with his banter and his wonderful mind of poetry. Fedorables brought life and laughter to the stage and hit home with some mouth opening commentary. Mother Fungus crawled into our hearts with folky tunes and Lauren Smart spoke us through  some descriptive mind-expanding images.

And I feel like I made some yolks, some energy and some happiness. Poetry is a weird weird sport. But I love it. I love it.


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