Vancouver School Board’s Vancouver Sustainability Conference!


What do I and Her Hon. Judith Guichon, Lt. Governor of British Columbia? What does Her Hon. Judith Guichon, Lt. Governor of British Columbia and the atoms that make up people have in common?  What do the atoms that make up people and the motivation to do something beyond just exist and fade into an array of existential pudding have in common?

Well, maybe more than you think! All these things were present on  April 18th  at Sir Wiston Churchill Secondary at Re-rooting Sustainability, the fourth annual VSB sustainability completely student-led conference. With over 250 high schoolers from surrounding Vancouver districts participating and 100 more volunteering and running everything- you would think that this was miracle, until you understand this conference took place on their Pro-D day, which is even more who replaced this earth with goodness and gratitude ish.

I was lucky to have met a nice guy at the Loran Finals and he told me to bring my fat poetry mouth over and do some good ol’ environmentally friendly political humour. SO I DID and it was wonderful.

Here are three pictures of me doing what I do best, captioning the unknown.

And the bear was like Grr


And I was like yes



And the bear was like let me build a pipeline on your house

Amnesty International, EMBARK Sustainability, Social Diversity for Children and Pacific Wild among so many other organizations were represented.  Now though the world won’t change if you use green products or bike to school, the world will start to see that band-aid solutions are not the true winner to systemic problems. Conferences like this are one step forward in the beautiful solution of understanding that the more people who care about environmental justice or at least realize that we can’t print money if all the trees are gone, the longer this weird life miracle can continue.


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