Earth Day Parade and Festival Performance YES GREEN FIRE!!!!!

April 24th 2016 was a wonderful day. Why you ask? Well this is why! I had a wonderful, wonderful time- though rushed- at the earth day celebration march and festival at Grandview park by Youth For Climate Justice.


The Annual Earth Day Parade is all about  celebrating the earth with guest speakers, workshops, NGO tents, entertainment and musical performances including some of my great friends (Shout out to Andrew’s Choir and Luke Wallace!) and maybe even a poet that you are reading about right now…


If you don’t listen to me right now, establishment, the earth will become as black as my clothes

More than 2000 people attended the event, discussing a variety of issues including tar sands tankers, pipelines, representation from the Green Party and indigenous land rights, for a brighter future.

Now it is pretty amazing to be a part of such a powerful event for Vancouver and even more powerful that some time when I spoke maybe some body thought of something in a new way and maybe then as a collective there can be more movement.

I’m a huge believer that festivals will change the world by reducing world suck and increasing world solidarity, so this was a beautiful privilege. Here are some more pictures for the visual learners.

13100851_1080468375358543_2343613817522964438_n 13102734_1365193506841241_1210170326856043671_n 13103256_1080468538691860_622488609410646502_n earth-day-2013-10213096236_1080469602025087_6753344238610969327_n



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