Arts Awards P.2

Congrats to all of the recipients of the Richmond Arts Award for 2016.  Such a privilege to perform at an event where I hear about all of the amazing progress that is being harvested from the ground up in Richmond.

It was remarkable hearing the stories of how arts and culture have continued to flourish for the past 20 years, starting with not even having a Richmond Culture centre. I am so pleased to live in this city where the opportunity to develop as a performer, as a poet and as an artist are limitless. It feels so good to be a part of a community of people willing to make a change and bring creativity, imagination and the human spirit to be valued more and more by a society that has taught me how to explore innovation.

With limitless opportunity to coordinate, implement and create I deeply thank everyone who continues to let me make the change Richmond has made on me. Thanks to the City of Richmond for having me perform some poetry about peanuts to a room full of peanuts that are using their power to make the most wonderful kind of jam.

Art should be on our agenda every day.

2016-richmond-arts-awards-winners-4[1] 2016-richmond-arts-awards-winners-6[1] 2016-richmond-arts-awards-winners-7[1] 2016-richmond-arts-awards-winners-50[1] 2016-richmond-arts-awards-winners-60[1]

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