Art Talking Women Project

Ahhhhh! So humbled and excited to be a part of Cinevolution’s and Vivo Media Arts Society’s amazing project, Art Talking Women.

Just a few moments ago, there was the amazing launch of this project. This video series focuses on he course of four years, in their progression and in their passion for their art watching the integration of their own stories and how that affected their product. There are 13 female-identifying artist showcased, each with innovative forms of expression ranging from dance, to physical mixed media, to costume to painting, to drawing- you name it.

The launch was held at the Vivo Media Arts Centre in East Vancouver, which was newly renovated- it kind of has an elegant cellar feel to it. We watched two new episodes and the trailer, both which were captivating and enticing. Yet as the series progressed it moved away from the minimalistic approach of just conversation and began to also have artistic components in the video itself- as I am the 13th artist the video that was produced to showcase my art-work is one of the most deliberately loud in the expression of the turning point from Talking Heads to complete bazooks.

A few months ago I got together with Ying and she asked me all about my love of surrealism and imagination and whatever else I find artistically fun and bloop bloop boom I am reciting poetry on the Canada Line and dancing up streets and stairs with a painted mannequin head.

Together we came up with a video hopefully that showcases myself but also how I go through my creative process of engaging between both the outside world and my own inner monologues. I have not seen the final product yet, but I will be waiting just like you, fun WordPress readers who always support and care! What! You’re awesome.


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