Art Talking Woman Episode 13

This project started back in December and it is finally here, wow.

This is an episode of myself in Art Talking Woman, a series highlighting women artists. I was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of that adventure- and my episode brings this four year long project to a close. Being a part of the Art Talking Woman Journey has been a tremendous experience. Thank you to Dylan Drolkar Ying for bringing out my inspiration, creative juices and seeing the light of the world, always. This series has took many forms and this video is the last one of the bunch, and after much trouble digesting and chewing- here it is.  

Thank you so much to Dylan Drolkar Ying, Cinevolution Media Arts and VIVO Media Arts Centre and so many other people who helped everything happen.

Thank you all for the continuous support, the love and for always keeping me going.

Read more here.


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