Richmond World Festival 2016

Ah! How quickly life has moved. But here it goes the recap begins.

On September 3rd, otherwise known as the day I was supposed to move into UBC res marked the day of The Richmond World Festival Volume 2 (TM).

Another summer of hikes, happiness, general existential crisis and the idea of moving into the unknown cumulated with a festival. I can’t quite recall the day that planning for #2 began but I would want to say sometime in January 2016.

This year, we were excited to introduce MORE POETRY! Which is always super fun. In the forms of having poetry continued on the Global Village Stage, which I was glad to MC, as well as propelled in Imagination World in the Richmond Public Library and as pop-up poets through the event. There was even a poetry exhibition that I made possible in the leading weeks of the event called the Poetry Wall of Flame which had about 30 poets from Richmond and surround areas displayed.

14068420_285608585134245_8114084597332444731_oThere were MORE POETS too. I mean I don’t know if you have ever tried to coordinate a bunch of poets. But. Damn.


Anyways, I’m always excited to advise and to organize and to perform and MC and take all my many hats at The RWF. This year’s expansion of poetry was awesome. I also had a couple of my friends, two Andrews and one Danielle do some roaming acting throughout the festival of multiculturalism.

To my naked eye, there were easily thousands of more attendees than last year. Heck people would be sitting down at Global Village for the hours that there wasn’t even a performance! I’m sure it was all those public transit ads doing the trick.

Anyways, I had a lovely time which included some burning of calories trying to run back and forth through the field. I also almost forgot Imagen, until my love reminded me of a key-word “pants.”

It’s always wonderful to be a part of such a community that can celebrate its artists and engage with each other, and honestly- I am starting to recognize that it is so much more worth it being the inceptor of such.  Things are moving, people are smiling and every day Richmond gets a little cooler.

Lots of people behind this project, like Bryan and John inspire me to tiny bits. I don’t know how they do it all, so frequently, and so much. But it just shows, propel with your heart and never, ever stop making things happen.



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