Vancouver Poetry Team Slam

On a mid-summer night a couple months ago the Youth Van Slam Team won a disco ball!

As you know, I’m trying to update myself and you my friends on this bombardment of a existence that slipped through my fingers in the wired preparation of mental determination for my new “life” at UBC.

Anyways, us- The Vancouver Youth Slam Team won the 2016 Cascadia Poetry Slam Cup. Which is pretty cool. 

It was definitely one of those nights at the slam where the crowd is wild and reacts and energetic and the poetry rocks and people care and you feel good things. 

I was pretty proud of our team, we came in and made some yolks and did a few other things like mentioned plants and honoured plutos funeral 10 years ago. For starters, we literally went in with the “let’s just have fun! We don’t care about winning! Slams are goofy anyways!” and now we have a massive excuse for a disco party. It’s always a blast with Everett Montinola, Santiago Patricio Ureña and Emma Field.

Anyways, my highlight would be our poem The Happy Plant Show. Which is nice and fun and satirical and childish and the audience applauded and cheered and laughed and then I’m pretty sure our highest score was a 6.9. All the merrier!


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