New Job at Arts and Culture District at UBC

Now it’s been about a month and a half at my new job at UBC, where I am working along side Deb Pickman in the world of attempting to make UBC Arts life, better, more-engaging and coherent. It’s been pretty wild so far.

Deb and I are both yappers, and in some of our talking times I have discovered how what really fuels both of us, is the why in regards to the necessity of the arts. A lot of the work is engaging students into having meaningful experiences, we are salesmen just selling an attempt to strengthen souls, not anything that can be given a decimal value. I think here is where a lot of the authenticity kind of comes to play.

The job, which I still have yet to create a shortened title for, instead of my lengthy 10 word one- has been going pretty well. I think I am getting my groove in, and it’s exactly what I needed to connect with the artistic community at UBC. Slowly and surely, I think I am wrapping my brain around how things work, who is who and what is important here. It’s still a big transition, but it’s getting there.

Something I’m really excited about, one of the pieces we are working on, is a promotional video for the Arts and Culture District at UBC. It’s going to be my spoken word poem with shots of the UBC Arts and Culture District, specifically focusing a lot on MOA, current performances in the Chan, Old Aud and Freddie Wood as well as the Audain Art Centre and Belkin Art Gallery. Other pieces we have rolling right now, is hopefully making an Arts Night Out during Art Week in January, where talented clubs, musicians and artists can perform in an intimate and suave evening, as well as some more specific task-oriented projects like bringing more art into UBC’s  already existing events, for example UBC’s Mental Health Week, Thrive which is happening now, constantly updating the virtual calendar and now curating a physical Arts Calendar for the Arts Undergraduate Society of all the UBC Arts & Culture events, hopefully arranging buskers for the campus to groove out by the new ticket trike, a bicycle concierge of Arts and Culture District events on campus, doing some social media work and consistently seeking ways to engage more students into existing spaces and events, as well as connecting students with opportunities to tell their stories.

Anyways, it’s been rad and will continue to be so! I’m excited to see how things continue and have lots of hopeful energy to get some wins for arts in my ten hours a week.

Also, I get to eat a lot. Which is always good for your most starving student.


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