Harvest Moon Festival 2016

I performed at the Harvest Moon Festival 2016 again this year and that was pretty sweet. It was quite a cool time parading around with people in masks, holding lanterns and hanging out with the community. I performed my poem The Harvest Moon again, I tried to write a different one but honestly I had ideas but was feeling a little blocked with time pressure.


Lots of people actually remembered that I performed this poem last year, but said they were glad to hear it again. Last year, I wrote it specifically for this event without even knowing what the Harvest Moon moon was! Upon doing some research I was glad to be able to connect with it and just be a medium for the words to come through onto the page.


All this community building wonder is organized by Marina, who is truly a gem in Richmond’s community making things happen in red beauty, staining the town with art and community. Check more about the event right here and come out next year!

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