Radio Show(S) hosting recap of last few months

During Culture Days, a weekend of awesomeness, arts and culture in Vancouver I had a cool opportunity to host Leave Your Mark FM a pop-up radio station that was in the Minoru Blvd Cultural Centre plaza.  It was up and running on 107.9 FM and was podcasted somewhere I’m not sure where, but if I do receive it I’ll definitely link it up.We shared some interview with Richmond youth, put up some pre-recorded content from noteable Richmond artists, galleries and you name it. I was even peer-pressured into reading a poem. It was pretty sweet, and once people started to come into the booth and tell us about their bumping Culture Days weekend, we’d hand out a radio. Which, I was also lucky enough to receive one of these bad boys.

On a more recent note I had some sweet times hosting West Coast Classics again. It was a really great time. Pam even asked me if I want to become an official radio man, but alas us university students have time like we have money.

We played some Elizabeth Lutyens:  Verses of Love.  Which was a short choral work, based on poems of Ben Jonson. The poems we found pretty based on lust, attraction and seemed some kind of BDSM type of stuff coded with all sorts of nice old English imagery to confuse us modern day readers. I doubt they were talking about BDSM though, rather just probably just the mentality of what relationships should be like at the time- the patriarchy am I right? Anyways, we discussed that but concluded that since Elizabeth herself picked out these poems, and her being a woman, maybe she agreed with the patriarchy, or was just a total sub in the sheets.

Kerry wants to change the name of the show to the Beethoven: 9th show. He tries to play a different variation as much as humanely possible and so that the listeners don’t turn off the station dismissing that we’re “playing that thing” again. Anyways, we hit the  symphony another time and thoroughly discussed “The ex nihilo opening” which “requires silence in order to make its full impact.”  To me, this piece is the universe bursting at the seams at the start of something new.  There is a low humming in the beginning and it repeats and comes back to it in this opening, in my eyes it sounds like it is something that is going on before the piece even began. Perhaps a metaphor for creation of something out of nothing- that this sound that later fuels the rest of the powerful opening is creating something ASTOUNDING out of something so quiet, and so on the verge. Anyways, of course you would need a silence to dwell on something as big as the universe- and something as masterful as that happening out of “nothing”.




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