Summer Time Performances: Re-Cap

Oh dear! Just realized I never posted about some of my favourite performances throughout the summer time.

I had probably the best performance of my life at Open Stage 2016 in New Westminster’s Queens Park. Honestly, so far that time had just totally rocked my socks entirely. I hit every poem with ease, confidence and felt so in the moment. The audience was so responsive and that propelled me further and further. It was also an awesome event and probably one of the most supportive audiences ever. Warm fizzles all around. Huge thanks to the amazing Two Gents of New West.


Also had an awesome time featuring at Hipstory with amazing Spec Theatre which has been my most abstract gig to date, as it was all about finding your answers to your existential dread and fedora identity! Ira Coopa Troop killed this three man play, and I loved it. From the beginning to the unclothed end.

 Also some Maritime Festival fun, entertaining the people under the August sun, as well as a nice time at Leigh Square performing in the Coquitlam village vibes series. (In this photo you can see the sunglasses that recently broke and I miss dearly.)

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