Ever since coming to UBC I wanted to come and check out the slams. It’s been pretty cool to check out a new popsicle stand as the kids say. I’ve done it twice now I think and would love to get involved a bit deeper if I can.

Also one of these times includes my first 1st place, in anything ever, including a slam. Which was indeed very very wild. So far I’ve performed, the to-do-list, the omnipresent blank ghost, the news and something else new which I dropped.

I’m already making some new poetry pals at UBC, and am excited for poetic times while eating Dendy’s Bagels and making sweet iambic pentameter joke and getting moody together, because what else do poets even do?

Really ready for this year to bring some not only more Australian 5 dollar bills and tampons but also some good poet gangs to hang out with and get all kinds of miserably existential in one moment and the next be total clowns. Also want some clowns to hangout with.



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