Gladstone We Day

Gladstone We Day! It was a fun time, total flashback Thursday getting back through those high school halls. Fawn, the organizer, teacher and awesome person extraordinaire really made a hugely successful event with the kids. Not only do they get to miss class, they get to hear cool people and mediocre people like myself, engage with them!

Basically a day of assemblies, they had some cool presenters along with a We-day dance and song. I made friends with Jay Wade, Morgane Oger and Brock Tully. Who all ad some really good projects and things you can read about here.

I think the school has probably over 2000 people and there were easily 400 people or so in the gym at a time and some spotlight, but I had a cute outfit on so I was feeling pretty ok.

I brought a couple of people up on stage to do an activity with me, and though it didn’t really workout, it was at least something I could say “poetry!” too and then end the show.

Lots of laughs, good interactions with the cast of high school musical and lots of nice snacks.





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