Richmond Addiction Services Performance

It was nice to come out to the Richmond Addiction Services Annual General Meeting.

Knocked out a few rhymes performing at the Richmond Addiction Services annual general meeting. RASS does such good work, huge hugs to Rick who is the director of the not for profit right now. Honestly, Richmond really has all sorts of backbones for people, I really love it. Young people can receive services from some of the nicest and least judgemental people. Speaking with the workers there, it is evident they are devoting themselves to something that is solely to help others, because they are in a place now where they can do that themselves.

I’m glad that I was able to show my support at RASS because this is an amazing group and happy to have the opportunity to take a quick look at to how others take their time and love to give back and make it better for people who need it.  .

Anyways, another day another thought. I’m glad Flower holding services provided by Richmond Community Coalition

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