Tagore Fest, Van Slam Night, Pecha-Kucha Part 2

Recently, hit off three events with some rolling rhymes in rapid succession at the Performance Hall in the Richmond Culture Centre.

First up, the Tagore Festival which was a really awesome time and almost ended up travelling down to Bellingham for some poetry as a result- but alas times were rapidly moving and university stuck my soul and trapped it into a clock. The event was pretty sweet with poetry, song and dance and some of my favourite people by my side including Bernice who is truly a firey soul (standing right beside me in this photo). They are always a really ego-boosting bunch to be around. I truly had a fantastic night. Also there were samosas at the end!


Next up I had the van slam night which was pretty cool. I had a marvelous time being with the team, especially since this was right after our retreat to the hot springs. We had some growing and transformative time there and were all ready to live, laugh and love. It’s nice to be a part of a cool gang that is all unique and ready to make poems that will shatter your soul and then reconstruct it.

The night itself had the lovely flavour of having a bunch of the youth from the media lab come out and participate in creating a video using their mixed media skill with some of the words from our poetry. This video was the background of our performance and it was pretty interesting to have the words align with what we were speaking at times. It was now probably my second best performance ever just because I felt so good with the energy in the room and enjoyed doing the group piece of the To Do List and The Happy Plant Show. I read from my book, and fired through some poems and just felt really alive and like each word was really being bolted through. People laughed and gasped at appropriate times, which is always really good for the performance poet soul. We had about 30 people come out which was pretty grand, and all around a fun night and the city provides punch and happiness! Amazing.



Next up I had a performance at Richmond’s last ever Pecha-Kucha night. Which was really nice and hit it off with a cool person named Carling, potential collabs to come? Pecha Kucha nights are pretty great for hearing about all the wildly wonderful things people are doing in the community.  It’s nice to step off the cloud and join in civilization once in a while, though I didn’t particularly enjoy my own performance, it was a nice time. I didn’t feel the energy from the recent night of poetry in the exact same venue, but also its probable because there were fewer people and a bit of a collective sadness that this wonderful series is coming to a close.


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